Strengthen Your Adult Education Program with the Powerful Combination of TABE and Lexile® Measures

Tests of Adult Basic Education (TABE), the premier adult basic education assessment in the United States, provides a flexible system of diagnostic assessment and instructional support materials to meet the diverse needs of today's adult education market.

TABE evaluates the reading, mathematics and language skill levels of your adult students or trainees. The results will help you place each adult learner in the appropriate instructional or training program and track progress toward success.

TABE Reading scores now are available as Lexile measures 
Lexile measures are the preferred way to report a student's reading ability because they provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Compare the student's ability with the reading demands of specific industry/occupational texts, as well as books, newspaper and magazine articles, and other materials.
  • Provide a common language to compare Lexile levels across reading tests used in education and training.
  • Differentiate instruction based on the student's individual needs.
  • Assist outreach, admissions, and career preparation staff in helping adult students develop an educational plan to meet their career goals.

By converting TABE Reading scores into Lexile measures, you and your students will have a better indicator of their ability to comprehend and retain information, which can lead to increased literacy skills. Lexile measures also will enable your students to compare their reading ability to the text demands of particular occupational materials and classroom texts.

You can access the Lexile reporting system directly at . Enter your special TABE access code provided by CTB/McGraw-Hill and you can generate a PDF with the Lexile measure of your adult student, as well as information about how to interpret the Lexile measure and a list of sample books at various Lexile levels. Lexile measures assist your students in finding books that can help strengthen their reading skills and improve their achievement levels.

Lexile measures in the adult classroom 
From an educational and training perspective, Lexile measures and TABE assessment results allow you to align what and how you teach with who you teach. With knowledge of each student's performance level and Lexile measure, you can:

  • Differentiate instruction based on knowing who you are teaching and monitor progress.
  • Select academic and industry-based reading materials at each student's Lexile level. (Matching texts with ability allows students to practice reading without becoming frustrated by the material.)
  • Provide scaffolding support for students not ready for specific texts.
  • Supplement workbook instruction with ability-appropriate group instruction.

Lexile measures allow you to deliver an innovative, research-based approach to academic training. Because reading demands are determined for the industry and instructional materials in a variety of occupational training areas, students can better understand and work toward meeting these requirements. Career preparation staff and teachers also are better able to contribute to each student's success because instructional and support staff can align the student's abilities with career aspirations.

Use the power of TABE and Lexile measures to develop educational plans that help your adult students succeed in meeting their career goals. Call 1-800-538-9547 or visit for more information.