Classroom applications for measuring text

The most powerful application of Lexile text measurement is to compare text readability with the ability range of your students to forecast how well they will comprehend a particular text. You can use the Lexile Analyzer® to measure your everyday classroom materials.

The Lexile range of readers in a classroom commonly exceeds 700L. You can best serve your students' needs by providing content-area reading at their individual levels, and by identifying lower-ability students for alternative instruction. This way, readability won't stand in the way of content.

You may have access to article databases or online resources with Lexile measures (view a list of Lexile content partners). With a little searching, you can find relevant content across a Lexile range.

These in-depth scenarios walk you through classroom applications for measuring text with the Lexile Analyzer:

For more information on how to log-in and use the Lexile Analyzer, or how to prepare text, please see the help topics integrated into the Lexile Analyzer tool.