Is my child's Lexile measure good for his or her grade?

Lexile measures are not directly tied to grade levels. Children at the same grade level may have very different reading abilities. In a typical classroom, student measures may vary up to 800L between the students with the highest reading ability to the lowest.

We do provide a grade-level norm chart. The Lexile ranges in the "Reader Measures" column show you the 25th to 75th percentile of actual reading test scores across the United States for each grade. These are not recommended reading ranges—this is where readers are, nationally. It gives you a sense of how your child's reading ability compares to grade-level students across the nation.

Regardless of what your child's Lexile measure is, it's important to remember that not only does he or she need your support to continue growing as a reader and a learner, but that the Lexile measure is a versatile tool to provide that support.