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Barnes & Noble, the world's largest bookseller, now offers its customers the ability to search for books by Lexile® measure—in stores and online at Barnes &

When shopping in stores, there are two ways to find books at your Lexile level: you can ask a sales associate at the service desk to look up titles by their Lexile measure; or, in the stores that have customer kiosks, you can visit Barnes & and conduct your own search for books at your Lexile level.

When shopping online, Barnes & offers a Lexile Reading Level wizard that allows you to build a custom book list based on your Lexile measure and interests. The Lexile wizard is accessible on the "B&N Kids" page, in the box called "Easy Search Tools for Children's Books" (see below). To launch the Lexile wizard, click on the "Find Children's Book" button.

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Using the Lexile Reading Level Wizard on Barnes &

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With the Lexile wizard, you can build your own Lexile-based book list in four easy steps:

  1. Age. By entering your age, Barnes & Noble can ensure your book search results include only titles at an appropriate developmental level.
  2. Find or Enter Reading Level. If you know your Lexile measure from a reading test or program, you can enter it directly into the Lexile wizard. If you don't know your Lexile measure, the Lexile wizard will estimate your starting Lexile range based on your comfort with grade-level books. The Lexile wizard then provides a sample title and text from the middle of this reading range to give you an idea of the text you are likely to encounter at this Lexile level. If the text demand seems too easy or too difficult, you can increase or decrease your starting Lexile range.
  3. Select Interest. Next, the Lexile wizard asks you to pick the subject you're most interested in reading about. Research shows that when young people read at an appropriate Lexile level and on subjects they are interested in, they experience greater reading success.
  4. Refine Interest. A number of subcategories enable you to further refine your search results based on more specific subjects.

Your search results page will look the same as if you did a general book search, but your search results will be based specifically on your age and Lexile range. Lexile measures are included on the product pages, under the "Overview" tab along with the publisher, publication date and other book data.

Why does Barnes & Noble provide Lexile measures?

According to Barnes & Noble CEO Steve Riggio, "Our goal is to serve our customers with all of the information they need to make the best book choices. By adding Lexile measures to our online and in-store book searches, we are offering parents a powerful tool that will help to take the guesswork out of selecting the ‘right' books for their children that support positive, enjoyable reading experiences."

Publishers interested in receiving certified Lexile measures for their materials should contact Emily Weller, Strategic Partnerships Manager, at or 919-547-3452.