Training Your Staff on the Lexile Framework

Why provide Lexile professional development for your staff?

With the Lexile® Framework for Reading, your customers have access to a powerful tool. But tools are only as powerful as the knowledge that informs their use. We know from experience that the ability to leverage the strength of the Lexile Framework depends on how well one understands the meaning of the measure. The ability to communicate the full value of the Lexile Framework to your customers is an important component of differentiating your product in the marketplace.

MetaMetrics offers a variety of training services for putting Lexile measures to work for our partner companies. We work with leading educational companies to provide Lexile professional development services through workshops, sales seminars, webinars and other customized programs for your customer support and sales staff.

What information is provided for your staff?

Through our Professional Development services, we help educational companies:

  • Gain a foundational understanding of The Lexile Framework for Reading and how it can be applied in classrooms and school districts.
  • Learn about free Lexile resources to support learning in the classroom, library and home.
  • Understand the connection between the Common Core State Standards and the Lexile Framework for Reading.
  • Uncover how Lexile measures provide their product with a competitive advantage.
  • Track progress toward college- and career- readiness.
  • Communicate with districts, schools and parents about students' reading progress.
  • Address common misconceptions about the Lexile Framework for Reading.
  • Learn important hallmarks of next-generation assessments.
  • Explain the link between the Lexile Framework and college- and career- readiness.
  • Understand the importance of text variety, especially informational text.

How do I arrange Lexile professional development for my staff?

Interested in harnessing the power of Lexile measures for your sales and customer support efforts? Call Elizabeth Lattanzio at 919-354-3482 or email us at today!

Interested in Professional Development for your school or district?

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