Step 5: Analyze your text and get results

To measure your file, go to the Lexile Analyzer page or select the "Lexile Analyzer" link from the menu to the right. You can also select "Lexile Analyzer" from the "Tools" menu on the front page of You may be prompted to log in -- you can register for free to get access.

When you are logged in and ready to measure your text:

  1. Select Browse to find your file on your computer.
  2. Once you have selected your file, click Submit.
  3. The Lexile measure result for your text appears, or else you receive an informative error message about why your file could not be measured (see Step 4: Convert your text into a plain text file for how to handle errors).

You should print the results screen and note your filename or the name of your sample text because these results are not saved in any retrievable way.  If you do not print or record the results, you will have to re-analyze your text to get its Lexile measure again.

When you use the Lexile Analyzer to get an estimated measure for a text, please note that:

  • you may not publish or distribute the Lexile measure
  • you may not enter it into a library or media center database or catalog
  • your estimated measure is not a certified Lexile measure for that book or text
  • your estimated measure would likely differ from the Lexile measure of the complete book or text

Lexile Analyzer results

Lexile Analyzer results are provided in these categories:

Lexile measure - This value indicates the reading demand of the text in terms of the semantic difficulty and syntactic complexity.  The Lexile scale generally ranges from 200L to 1700L, although actual Lexile measures can range from below zero to above 2000L.

Word Count - This value reflects the total number of words in the text that was analyzed.

Mean Sentence Length - This value is the average length of a sentence in the text, based on the sentences that were analyzed. (Professional version only)

Mean Log Word Frequency - This value is the logarithm of the number of times a word appears in each 5-million words of the MetaMetrics research corpus of 571-million words.  The mean log word frequency is the average of all such values for words which appear in the text being analyzed. (Professional version only)

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