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What is Expected Growth?

Lexile reader measures provide data for a thorough discussion of reading growth. We are all familiar with children, either through knowing our own or through acquaintance with those of other people. Perhaps no other thing in life is as obvious as the dramatic way that human beings develop and grow. Our key social and political institutions devote a significant part of their resources to ensuring that children grow and learn to function as productive citizens. Growth and learning are central to the mission of our country’s public schools... Because there are a number of alternative ways to conceptualize student growth and to measure it, states face a challenge to design and implement accountability systems that address a variety of information needs and still comply with state and federal laws. In this context, there are naturally many viewpoints about how best to conceptualize and measure student growth and to set appropriate goals for growth. This makes it especially important for students, parents and educators to better understand student growth, how it is measured, and how growth expectations may be set in different contexts for different purposes...


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