Linking studies

MetaMetrics can link the underlying scale of an assessment with the Lexile® Framework or the Quantile® Framework. Each linking study is custom-built based on the design and constraints of the assessment.

MetaMetrics develops a parallel test using the Lexile or Quantile scale, administers the test to a predetermined student sample, analyzes and compares the results of the linking test to those of the existing assessment, and develops conversion tables that enable students' reading or mathematics scores to be reported as a Lexile or Quantile measure.

Linking an assessment to the Lexile or Quantile Frameworks establishes a vertical, developmental scale that educators, parents and students can use to monitor growth throughout the education lifecycle, regardless of which assessment the student takes. Linking studies can also be used to model expected growth using Bayesian scoring and link the results of formative assessments to high-stakes assessments. Lexile and Quantile measures are available from numerous standardized assessments.