Lexile Measures for your State Assessment

What is a Lexile State Partner?

State departments of education (DOEs) partner with MetaMetrics to make student Lexile measures available on an annual basis through its state assessment program. More than 20 DOEs have linked their state assessments with the Lexile scale and this number continues to grow. For a complete list of DOEs that report Lexile measures from their state assessments, click here.

Why link your state assessment with the Lexile scale?

When a DOE reports Lexile measures from their statewide assessments, they...

  • Make test scores actionable.
  • Offer a parent friendly metric.
  • Provide resources to support differentiated instruction.
  • Open a world of free, targeted resources including over 100 million books, articles and websites that have received Lexile measures.
  • Connect to an empirical, vertical scale aligned to college- and career- readiness.
  • Access an empirical, vertical scale for growth modeling.
  • Track growth toward college- and career- readiness.
  • Receive resources for summer reading programs to stem the corrosive effects of summer learning loss.
  • Receive Lexile support services including professional development, state customized resources, seminars and roundtable discussions.
  • Eligible for in-depth psychometric consultation including
    • building individual growth trajectories,
    • quantitative data analysis
    • and standard setting.

How does a state assessment become linked with the Lexile scale?

A team of skilled psychometricians and researchers perform a linking study to ensure an accurate link to the Lexile scale. Our team works with the DOE and its testing contractor to recruit a sample of students to participate in the study. Once data is collected and the study is performed, our team delivers a technical report that provides the Lexile conversation table and summarizes the analysis.

How to become a State Partner?

For information about linking your state assessment to the Lexile scale, contact Anne Schiano, Senior Vice President, Government Relations, at

Not a State DOE but interested in partnering with us?

We work with many districts and schools to provide Lexile professional development and workshops. For more information, visit our Lexile professional development page.