Lexile Measures for your Reading Assessment or Program

Educational companies and organizations that develop and publish reading assessments and/or reading intervention programs can partner with MetaMetrics for a number of psychometric services. Whether it is measuring text material, creating test items or reporting Lexile reader measures, assessment and program developers can embed Lexile technology into their products.

The Lexile® Framework for Reading has been linked with more than 60 popular reading assessments and programs, and more than 35 million Lexile reader measures are reported worldwide each year.

Who does MetaMetrics partner with?

MetaMetrics partners with numerous educational companies and organizations across the globe to deliver Lexile reader and text measures for their products. These educational companies and organizations include:

Why link your reading assessment or program?

There are many benefits for using Lexile technology in your reading assessment or program. When a reading program or assessment developer partners with us, they:

  • Provide more targeted reading.
  • Report actionable scores.
  • Offer a parent-friendly metric.
  • Provide resources to support differentiated instruction.
  • Open a world of free, targeted resources including over 100 million books, articles and websites that have received Lexile measures.
  • Connect to an empirical, vertical scale aligned to college- and career- readiness.
  • Access an empirical, vertical scale for growth modeling.

How does a product become linked with the Lexile Framework?

There are numerous ways a product can be linked to the Lexile Framework. If you are interested in receiving Lexile text measures for content in your product, you can:

  • License the Lexile Analyzer for use in developing targeted text.
  • License the Titles Database to provide Lexile measures for over 145,000 books.
  • Engage in a text measurement project to obtain certified Lexile measures for your content.

If you are interested in receiving Lexile reader measures for student reading performance, you can...

  • Participate in a linking study.
  • Engage MetaMetrics’ psychometric services to develop custom test items.

Interested in services for other content areas?

Our team of skilled psychometricians and researchers can also provide additional services for mathematics, writing and vocabulary.

How do I find out more information about linking my product to the Lexile Framework?

For more information about linking your reading assessment or program, contact Trilby Berger, Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, at