Enhance Your Products with Lexile Tools

The Lexile Analyzer® Editor Assistant™ is a Lexile tool available to be licensed for commercial use and allows users to receive on-demand Lexile measures for a working piece of text.

The Professional Lexile Analyzer® is a Lexile tool available for licensing that provides partner companies expanded access to the Lexile Analyzer® for commercial development purposes.

Lexile PowerV™ generates custom vocabulary lists within a desired Lexile range from books or a piece of text. Lexile PowerV is available as both an API or as an add-on to our Lexile text measurement service.

The Lexile Titles Database™ contains Lexile measures for over 255,000 book titles and is available in both English and Spanish. The Lexile Titles Database can be licensed by commercial companies or educational organizations. 

The Lexile Career Database™ is another database the can be licensed and integrated into a product or service. This database contains Lexile measures for over 250 careers across numerous fields as well as important descriptive information for each career.