Two Parties, One Tux, and a Very Short Film about the Grapes of Wrath

Two Parties, One Tux, and a Very Short Fil...


Mitchell Wells may not survive eleventh grade. He really only has one friend, his best friend, David. His normally decent grade point average is in limbo due to a slightly violent, somewhat inappropriate claymation film. And girls . . . well, does hanging out with his sister count? When David tells Mitchell he's gay, Mitchell's okay with itbut it still seems to change things. Since David's not out to anyone else, the guys agree to be set up with prom dates. Then, one of the most popular girls in school decides she mustdate Mitchell, and he's gone from zero to two girlfriends in sixty seconds. From his pending English grade, to his floundering friendship, to his love lifethe one thing that's taken a bizarre turn for the betterMitchell is so confused, he'll be lucky if he lasts another week in high school! And then there's the prom . . . With a wickedly funny voice and a colorful cast of characters, Steven Goldman has written a novel for every readereven those who likehigh school!

Author: Goldman, Arthur Steven; Goldman, Steven

Language: English | Copyright: 2008 | Age Range: 14 to 18

Vocabulary Words

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  • colons
  • casualness
  • hibernated
  • toilette
  • reassures
  • bathrobes
  • bulkier
  • youngish
  • compactor
  • punctually

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