This Migrant Earth

This Migrant Earth


This Migrant Earth is Rolando Hinojosa's re-casting into English of the novel that is the basis of the modern Chicano literary movement: Tomas Rivera's ... y no se lo trago la tierra. Rivera's memorable book was awarded the first national award for Chicano literature in 1970 and has since become the standard text in U.S. Hispanic literature courses throughout the country. Three years after Rivera's death, his friend and fellow novelist Rolando Hinojosa captured the spirit and poetry of Rivera's original for an English-language audience.

Author: Rivera, Tomás

Language: English | |

Vocabulary Words

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  • tailor
  • antsy
  • breather
  • proofs
  • groom
  • bakers
  • clump
  • gobble
  • crickets
  • gnaw

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