A History of US: Reconstructing America

A History of US: Reconstructing America


Covering a time of great hope and incredible change, Reconstruction andReform is a dramatic look at life after the Civil War in the newly re-UnitedStates. Railroad tycoons were roaring across the country. New cities sprang upacross the plains, and a new and different American West came into being: a landof farmers, ranchers, miners, and city dwellers. Back East, large-scaleimmigration was also going on, but not all Americans wanted newcomers in thecountry. Technology moved forward: Thomas Edison lit up the world with hiselectric light. And social justice was on everyone's mind with Carry Nationwielding a hatchet in her battle against drunkenness and Booker T. Washingtonand W. E. B. DuBois counseling newly freed African Americans to behave in verydifferent ways. Through it all, the reunited nation struggles to keep thepromises of freedom in this exciting chapter in the A History of US.

Author: Hakim, Joy

Language: English | Copyright: 2005 | Age Range: 9 to 11

Vocabulary Words

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  • oppressions
  • anticipations
  • immunities
  • vetoes
  • vetoed
  • testifies
  • vilest
  • agitate
  • deprive
  • emigrating

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