Why Measure Text?

More than 200 publishers already provide certified Lexile text measures for their books because:

  • Widespread Adoption: Lexile measures are the most widely used reading measures, with over half of U.S. students receiving a measure each year. Currently, about half of the states report students' reading scores as a Lexile measure on their high-stakes assessments.


  • Actionable Information: Lexile measures help parents and educators connect readers with targeted materials based on their reading abilities and goals. Many families rely on the Lexile measure to support learning for children of all ages and reading levels.


  • High-value, Low-cost Marketing: Lexile measures are a high-value, cost-effective marketing tool. They are a valuable selling feature to the school and library markets, especially in textbook adoption states. For only $35 per book, you have perpetual licensing rights to each Lexile text measure.


  • Raises Visibility: Lexile measures of trade books are readily available in "Find a Book," a free online book search that helps readers build custom booklists based on their Lexile measure and interests. With over a million searches each month—and growing—your titles are easily accessible to readers at all developmental levels. Barnes & Noble offers a similar utility here.


Lexile measures have also been integrated into many school and public libraries, through companies like Follett Software, Cengage Learning, ProQuest and EBSCO Publishing, to support enhanced learning and achievement growth.

Having your books measured is a simple and straightforward process and does not require a significant investment of your time or resources. In fact, you have complete flexibility in deciding when you want to get started and how many books you want to measure.

For more information on Lexile resource measurement, contact Emily Weller, Strategic Partnerships Manager, at (919) 547-3452. For more information on licensing Lexile measures, contact Trilby Berger, Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, at (919) 547-3427.