What is the Process?

Lexile resource measurement is a simple and straightforward process for obtaining a certified Lexile measure for your English and Spanish titles. With our no-obligation guarantee, providing a Lexile measure is the perfect option for publishers of all sizes.

One simple process = One certified Lexile measure.

STEP 1: Request Lexile Text Measures for Your Title(s)
Contact Emily Weller, Strategic Partnerships Manager, describe the job requirements (i.e., number of titles, text format) and receive a quote.

STEP 2: Submit the Text for Measurement
Email or mail the text in a standard electronic format (one file per text).

STEP 3: Receive the Certified Lexile Measure
Within 25 business days, a certified Lexile measure will be returned for your text, and made available to educators, parents and students online through "Find a Book" (trade books only). Rush service options are available for more time-sensitive needs.

Additional Options:

Lexile® Analyzer

The Lexile Analyzer provides a Lexile measure of edited, conventional prose texts. This tool can be licensed as a Web application or as a software component for integration with a partner application. This application is ideal for publishers who would like to use the Lexile Analyzer as a tool for content development.

Lexile Titles Database

The Lexile Titles Database, which contains a growing number of English and Spanish fiction and nonfiction books with Lexile measures, can be licensed for limited re-distribution through library services or for integration with partner applications, such as online book searches or print-based catalogs.

For more information on Lexile resource measurement, contact Emily Weller, Strategic Partnerships Manager, at (919) 547-3452. For more information on licensing Lexile measures, contact Trilby Berger, Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, at (919) 547-3427.