Reading Programs & Item Banks with Lexile Text Measures

These online literacy platforms provide Lexile-leveled, interactive, digital instructional materials to students, teachers and administrators.



Achieve3000 is the leader in online differentiated literacy instruction, serving over two million students worldwide. For nearly 15 years, the company has been reaching students at their individual reading levels to deliver significant learning gains, with many making double to triple the expected gains in a single school year. Based on decades of scientific research, Achieve3000’s solutions – Smarty Ants® (for grades PreK-1), KidBiz3000® (for grades 2-5), TeenBiz3000® (for grades 6-8), Empower3000® (for grades 9-12), Spark3000® (for adult learners), and eScience3000® (for grades 6-8) – support core curriculum, Response to Intervention, English language learner, and special education instructional models as well as 21st-century education initiatives. From learning how to read to workforce readiness, Achieve3000 empowers all learners to develop the college and career literacy skills needed for academic, professional, and personal success. Learn more about Achieve3000 online at or by calling 888-968-6822.



American Reading Company was created by teachers, curriculum specialists and literacy activists with the mission to ensure every student reads on or above grade level. With an arsenal of highly skilled executive coaches, together with comprehensive instructional frameworks and a database of more than 90,000 titles leveled to the Common Core State Standards, American Reading provides a “literacy operating system” for any district seeking aggressive academic achievement, with the transparency and accountability required to sustain it.


Big Universe empowers teachers and engages students in grades K-8 by leveraging technology to improve literacy and performance in all subject areas. They provide a powerful, easy-to-use literacy platform that includes a large library of Lexile leveled nonfiction and fiction e-books, robust quizzes, student publishing with writing lesson plans, teacher management tools, data reporting and more. Big Universe is the only balanced literacy solution that supports standards and assessments, enables differentiated instruction, expands school libraries, is accessible anytime-anywhere and enhances school programs; all while inspiring students to read and write and ultimately, giving teachers more time to teach. is a kid-centric social network and book discovery tool designed to ignite and nurture a lifelong love of reading for 2nd-8th grade students. Our free platform lets students safely connect with friends to share book reviews and discover new books through peer, personalized, and curated book recommendations. Educators use it as a tool to help build a community of engaged readers and writers in their classrooms. Students practice opinion writing through book reviews, comprehension and critical thinking through leveled book reports, and track daily reading in an online reading log.


Castle Learning has worked for over 20 years to earn the trust and respect of educators across the country.  When schools use Castle Learning for their review and testing activities, students gain the experience and confidence they will need to tackle future educational challenges that incorporate technology. Teachers find that the use of Castle Learning--with its immediate feedback and real-time data reporting—is an extremely efficient and effective tool. English teachers particularly enjoy leveled reading passages and literature question sets.  When we work together, we create not only an effective academic intervention program, we empower students to improve their academic pictures. That's the Castle Learning mission.



Inspect® is a formative assessment item bank and suite of over 300 pre-built assessments. This solution offers an industry-leading combination of rigor, innovation, and integrity. The result is ease of assessment delivery that provides specific feedback to teachers so they can quickly inform instruction to increase student learning. Inspect® is developed by Key Data Systems, an industry leader in educational psychometric services and standards-based assessment.



Istation is a leading provider of interactive computer-adaptive assessments and differentiated computer-delivered interventions. Istation's award-winning educational technology system, Istation Reading, aligns its interactive online books and passages to Lexile text measures. Istation Reading also reports Lexile reader measures correlated with student scores from Istation's computer-adaptive assessments, known as ISIP™ (Istation's Indicators of Progress), for grades 1 through 8.



Learn2Earn's Whooo's Reading is an online social learning platform that motivates children to read every day. Children read whatever they want and answer relatable and thought-provoking critical thinking questions aligned with the Common Core to earn coins and level up.  They can customize their owl avatars with items from the "Owl Shop," and are able to comment on their peers' responses to critical thinking questions to create a dynamic learning community. Teachers can give qualitative and quantitative feedback to their students' responses, and have access to individualized and class-wide data reports to better assess their students' reading comprehension and writing skills. Learn2Earn also has an online Read-A-Thon fundraiser and works with PTAs and PTOs to raise money. Schools raise tens of thousands, all by encouraging children to read.


Lexia Reading Core5 provides explicit, systematic, personalized learning in the six areas of reading instruction, and delivers norm-referenced performance data and analysis without interrupting the flow of instruction to administer a test. Designed specifically to meet the Common Core and the most rigorous state standards, this research-proven, technology-based approach accelerates reading skills development, predicts students’ year-end performance and provides teachers data-driven action plans to help differentiate instruction.


LightSail is the adaptive reading platform that accelerates literacy development and fosters a love of reading for students in grades K-12.  LightSail students get access to personalized libraries filled with thousands of engaging, just-right texts to choose from. Our award-winning solution embeds in-text assessments that motivate students to increase the volume of their reading along with the difficulty of the texts they choose. LightSail teachers get real-time access to meaningful data about student reading behavior, comprehension, and growth so they can provide the necessary guidance to enhance learning and encourage a love of reading.


Measured Progress, a not-for-profit organization, is a pioneer in authentic, standards-based assessments. For more than 30 years, we have been connecting the K–12 educational community with innovative and flexible assessment solutions. Our goal is to provide meaningful information about student progress to improve teaching and learning.


Mindy's Bookworms is an online reading comprehension practice program containing over 120 leveled Lexile passages. The passages begin with a Lexile of 190L and run through 1490L. Each passage is followed by ten representative comprehension questions. Once the student answers the questions, they immediately receive a detailed report of each correct and incorrect answer, including the evidence that supports each answer.

This user friendly program allows students to independently navigate through the passages and receive immediate feedback. It was designed with both the classroom and home in mind. It can be used on computers as well as iPads, for easy travel. This is an extremely low cost program created by a reading teacher with the student in mind.


myON® partnered with MetaMetrics to build the myON assessment engine that enables student reading ability to be reported as a Lexile measure. Lexile measures in myON reader support differentiated instruction by allowing teachers to assign books and other materials targeted to students’ unique ability levels that will provide the right amount of challenge to promote reading growth. They also help students take more responsibility for their reading progress—from the initial placement test to the subsequent benchmark quizzes—by encouraging independent reading and allowing them to track their growth through a trajectory report that can also be accessed by teachers and parents.


News-O-Matic is the Daily News Just for Kids. The reading resource provides students with safe, age-appropriate current events every weekday at a range of reading levels. Thousands of schools use the daily articles as part of their nonfiction literacy curricula. The leveled texts include “Read to Me” audio support, Spanish translations, and comprehension assessments aligned to state and national standards. The tool engages young readers and encourages them to write, draw, vote, and share their opinions on complex issues. The real-world topics inspire critical thinking and help students develop their persuasive writing. To learn more or get a free trial, visit



Reading Horizons® Discovery provides every emerging and struggling reader with the reading skills they need to have a successful future. By teaching reading in a way that is both appealing and logical to students, they learn that reading is rewarding – rather than frustrating. Reading Horizons uses multi-sensory, Orton-Gillingham principles of instruction and appeals to a student’s individual learning styles, whether: visual, auditory, tactile, or kinesthetic. Through direct instruction, logical sequencing, and multi-sensory techniques, Reading Horizons accomplishes the primary goal of phonics instruction: learning to decode and recognize words rapidly and automatically.

Reading Horizons® Elevate™ Older students can easily and independently learn to read with the Reading Horizons Elevate software. The software is beneficial for struggling students because it delivers the instruction they need in a non-threatening, age-appropriate way. By learning apart from their peers and teacher, students aren’t embarrassed by their poor reading skills, making them less resistant to instruction and more open to learning. provides free, printable reading passages with questions for all grade levels. Teachers and parents can use these to help students hone their reading skills. The passages encompass a variety of genre and styles from classic literature to original texts including both fiction and nonfiction. Each includes questions to promote better understanding and comprehension.

ReadTheory is a free online reading comprehension program designed to accelerate learning in the classroom. After a few sessions on ReadTheory, reading ability has been shown to improve dramatically, and educators are empowered to better assess strengths and weaknesses via progress reports that are tailored to each student. This empowers educators to ensure more students are reading at or above grade level.


ReadnQuiz is the enterprise reading incentive and accountability program you’ve been searching for. The affordable alternative. It embodies the educational concepts that you know work. It will encourage reading, test comprehension and increase your library circulation numbers. And it comes at a price that won’t consume your budget, allowing you to buy more books for the library.


ReadWorks, a nonprofit organization, enables teachers to solve the reading comprehension crisis and eliminate the achievement gap in the United States by improving teacher effectiveness through research-based instructional practices and curriculum, and through open-access online technology. ReadWorks is delivered directly to teachers online, at no cost to educators and their schools. By engaging teachers and principals directly, ReadWorks circumnavigates systemic barriers to scalable, sustainable improvement in teacher effectiveness and student achievement.

StudySync® is a comprehensive blended ELA/EL program for grades 6-12 with 1000+ texts, dynamic video, and multimedia lessons guaranteed to inspire students and advance literacy skills. This complete curriculum is designed for today's diverse classroom environments, with results-driven digital instruction and option for full print support.

StudySync fully engages students at all levels, preparing them not only for the rigor of online assessments, but ultimately for success in college and careers with:

StudySync Library: Ever-expanding collection of fiction and nonfiction texts
StudySync® TV: Award-winning multimedia lessons using dynamic videos that explicitly model critical thinking and collaboration
Blasts: Daily writing practice that challenges students to analyze real-world issues
Review: Online writing opportunities along with an anonymous peer-to peer review platform
Assessments: Formative and summative assessments that ensure readiness for standardized tests
Flexibility and Customization: Teacher management tools help differentiate instruction, scaffold lessons, and individualize learning


Top Score Writing is the one and only curriculum designed specifically to prepare students for the state writing test. It is a simple and effective approach to teaching informative, opinion/argumentative and narrative writing.