Social Networking Catalog Partners

These social networking sites allow students, teachers and parents to connect with their friends, create library-quality catalogs and share their booklists.

BiblioNasiumWhere Kids Flex Their Reading Muscles, is a social networking site where young readers (elementary school age children) connect to their friends, teachers and parents to catalogue and share their booklists.

In addition, BiblioNasium has features specially designed for this age group, including privacy and safety measures that follow COPPA. BiblioNasium also seamlessly integrates Lexile Reading Levels for tens of thousands of books so that the site’s users can select books that are the right “fit” and at the appropriate reading level for each child individually. Rounding out the feature set for children are: online reading logs, reading challenges, and virtual rewards for completing assignments. BiblioNasium is a robust platform that supports the, all too important, function of independent reading for elementary age school children.


Learn2Earn's Whooo's Reading is an online social learning platform that motivates children to read every day. Children read whatever they want and answer relatable and thought-provoking critical thinking questions aligned with the Common Core to earn coins and level up.  They can customize their owl avatars with items from the "Owl Shop," and are able to comment on their peers' responses to critical thinking questions to create a dynamic learning community. Teachers can give qualitative and quantitative feedback to their students' responses, and have access to individualized and class-wide data reports to better assess their students' reading comprehension and writing skills. Learn2Earn also has an online Read-A-Thon fundraiser and works with PTAs and PTOs to raise money. Schools raise tens of thousands, all by encouraging children to read.


LibraryThing for Libraries allows you to enhance your library's online catalog with exciting new content, including recommendations, tag clouds, series and awards data, a virtual shelf browser, the ability to write reviews, and Lexile measures. LTFL works by adding data and features directly into your OPAC. Pick and choose which enhancements you'd like.