What Does it Cost?

The following fees apply for each certified Lexile measure:

  • $35 per title1

1. The standard processing fee is $35 for digital text. This also includes a perpetual license to use the Lexile measure.

Other Rates and Fees:

Tradebook Conditioning Fee: Tradebooks over 150 pages in length shall be charged an extra $0.25 per page in addition to the LEXILE® Book Measure Fee.

Textbooks and Workbooks: In addition to the basic fees, a rate of $35 per 50 pages is required to process each textbook or workbook submitted for Lexile analysis.

Articles, Selections and Passages: Measurement fees for text types other than books vary based on requirements, as well as the publisher's use of the Lexile measure.

Rush Fees: Expedited processing is available at a per-text rush fee for measurement projects requiring a turnaround time of less than 25 days.

Transcription Services: If transcription of a digital text is necessary due to extensive use of graphical fonts or highly illustrative layouts, an additional rate of $25 per 30 minutes of work will be assessed. 

Special Handling: To accommodate non-standard file submissions, an editorial rate of $25 per 30 minutes of work may be charged. The option of resubmitting files in a standard format will be given prior to assessing these fees.


For more information on Lexile resource measurement, contact Emily Weller, Strategic Partnerships Manager, at (919) 547-3452. For more information on licensing Lexile measures, contact Trilby Berger, Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, at (919) 547-3427.