Have A Question?

Here are some common questions that publishers have about Lexile resource measurement. If your question is not answered here, please contact us.

We would like to get Lexile measures for our texts. How do we start?
A publisher first needs to have in place a text measurement agreement, which establishes the basic terms and conditions for obtaining and using Lexile measures. With an agreement in place, texts can be submitted for analysis on an as-needed basis for as long as the agreement remains in effect. Contact the Text Measurement Services Department to request a standard agreement for review.

If I sign an agreement, how long will it remain in effect?
The standard measurement agreement is valid for a twelve-month period, but for convenience it will renew automatically in subsequent years unless either party elects otherwise. This can be done through written notice at least 30 days prior to the end of the current term.

What is the annual renewal fee or minimum obligation for maintaining a text measurement agreement?
There is no annual fee or other obligation in maintaining a text measurement agreement. A publisher can submit one book or hundreds of books at a time, as frequently as needed. Some partners supply books on a continual basis as part of ongoing processes, while others submit texts in large batches once or twice a year—the choice is entirely yours.

How long can we use a Lexile measure? What are the terms of its use?
A perpetual license is included with each measurement fee, so the value in obtaining a Lexile measure will be yours for the life of the text. Measures can be printed on books, published on websites, or included in marketing materials and catalogs. Branding and usage guidelines are provided as part of the standard agreement.

Can we print the Lexile measure on the book?
Once a measure is received, it can be printed on the book or otherwise displayed in collateral materials provided that 1) the measure is not changed in any way from the measure received from MetaMetrics, and 2) the publisher abides by the partner branding and marketing guide in presenting the Lexile measure.

How long does it take to analyze a book?
Our contractual commitment is 25 days from receipt of all required materials (i.e., books and files), although Lexile measures are always returned as quickly as possible. Publishers are encouraged to note any special requirements. In some cases, an additional rush fee may be necessary to ensure faster delivery.

What type of electronic files do you accept for analysis?
In order to analyze a text, it needs to be available in an electronic document format. 

  • Portable Document Format (.pdf)
  • Microsoft Word (.doc)
  • Rich Text Format (.rtf)
  • ASCII (.txt)

One file per text is required, and each file should reflect an accurate facsimile of the material as presented in its final form (e.g., in print), including any illustrations. This is necessary for evaluating the applicability of Lexile Codes. For information about Lexile codes, click here.

Do you measure texts written in other languages?
Yes, we also can determine Spanish Lexile measures for Spanish texts using El Sistema Lexile® para Leer. The standard measurement agreement provides for submission of either English or Spanish texts using the identical terms, conditions and processes.

How do we get our books listed within the Lexile Title Database?
Every book that we measure is added to our database of Lexile measures. For trade books, this information is licensed to library service providers and accessible through the book search utilities available at This database is a trusted resource used by educators, media specialists, parents and students to find books using Lexile measures.

Who do I contact with additional questions?
For more information about Lexile resource measurement, contact Emily Weller, Strategic Partnerships Manager, at or 1-888-LEXILES, ext. 3452.

For information about licensing Lexile measures or MetaMetrics' consulting and development services, contact Trilby Berger, Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, at or 1-888-LEXILES, ext. 3427.