El Sistema Lexile Para Leer

Matching readers with Spanish texts

Hispanic children compose the second-largest student population enrolled in public schools. Consequently, many educators and administrators are increasing efforts to meet the educational needs of Spanish-speaking students. El Sistema Lexile® Para Leer, a unique reading framework for Spanish readers and text, is a powerful tool for targeting instruction and improving achievement across grade levels and content areas. Built with the same concepts as The Lexile Framework for Reading, El Sistema Lexile puts readers and text on a common scale—the Spanish Lexile scale. Using Spanish Lexile measures, educators connect students with instructional resources that match their reading abilities in their native language. The number of fiction and nonfiction books and textbooks with Spanish Lexile measures grows every day.

Consider an educator who is teaching a unit on the Battle of Gettysburg. Typically, a fifth-grade class of 30 students will have a wide range of reading abilities, with only half of those students reading well enough to comprehend the content in the textbook. When the teacher uses the students' Spanish Lexile measures to connect them with ability-appropriate supplemental materials, they stay on track for meeting state performance standards in social studies and continue to strengthen their reading skills in their native language.

More Information, Not More Testing

Best of all, El Sistema Lexile adds value to state or classroom Spanish-version assessments—adding more information, not more time. It is not another test or a reading intervention program. Spanish Lexile measures provide a thermometer for measuring students' reading abilities in their native language that talented educators, involved parents and motivated students use to improve learning. Spanish Lexile measures tie day-to-day work in the classroom to Spanish-versions of critical high-stakes tests.

Measuring Student Growth on a Common Scale

Many classroom and state-level assessments are linked to El Sistema Lexile. This offers educators and parents a common scale for monitoring student progress throughout the school year and their entire education, regardless of what assessments they take. A Spanish Lexile measure can provide the same continuity for reading growth that families have when they mark a child's height on a wall with a pencil. Like the wall, the scale never changes, so progress is easy to see even if the student changes schools, grades or takes a different test. Spanish Lexile measures range from below 200L for beginning readers and beginning-reading text to above 1400L for advanced readers and text.

Connecting Students to Spanish Lexile Measures

Spanish Lexile measures already may be available for your students. Thousands of Hispanic students receive a Spanish Lexile measure each year from state or classroom assessments and/or reading programs. For a list of standardized assessments and reading programs that are linked with El Sistema Lexile, click here. You already may have access to this actionable tool for linking assessment with instruction.

Building Reading Abilities Year-Round

Spanish Lexile measures also provide parents with a powerful tool for connecting children with reading materials at home. Unlike other test results that may simply get posted on the refrigerator or cause parents sleepless nights, Spanish Lexile measures offer a way to take action. During the summer, after school or on the weekends, families can visit the library or bookstore and use Spanish Lexile measures to select leisure-reading materials in Spanish.

The Spanish Lexile Map

New El Sistema Lexile Map (8½"x11"): Color Version, Grayscale Version (PDF)*

New El Sistema Lexile Map (11"x17"): Color Version, Grayscale Version (PDF)*

* Requires Acrobat Reader. Click here for a free download.