Learn more about Lexile measures by downloading these free resources:

About MetaMetrics®

MetaMetrics- describes MetaMetrics and its products and services. (4.8MB, PDF)
MetaMetrics Consulting and Development- describes customized consulting services (4.5MB, PDF)

About Lexile Measures

The Lexile Framework for Reading - Fact sheet describes how the Lexile Framework links assessment with reading instruction. (2.2MB, PDF)
The Lexile Framework for Reading - Overview Video describes the basic concepts and uses of the Lexile Framework.
Lexile- and Quantile-Linked Assessments
lists assessments and reading programs that report Lexile measures(1.2MB, PDF)
What does the Lexile Measure mean? (1.1MB, PDF)

Lexile Maps

Click on the links below to view or download an 11"x17" color version of the Lexile map

Using Lexile Measures

Lexile Measures in the Classroom- Fact sheet with tips on how to use Lexile measures more effectively in the classroom. (2.0MB, PDF)
Lexile Measures in the Library- Fact sheet with tips on using Lexile measures in the library or media center. (1.7MB, PDF)
Lexile Measures at Home- Fact sheet for parents and families defining Lexile measures and offering tips on how to use Lexile measures outside of the classroom. (1.9MB, PDF)
Professional Development- Overview of professional development opportunities (1.6MB, PDF)